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[1] We aren't greedy for so much members. We're satisfied with what we have. We prefer quality, not quantity. We want you as a soft minded above all as a friend and show us your good net-appearance.

[2] Any kind of stupid works like flooding, spamming (advertising for other site address), slanging, harassing others is prohibited. Remind that a honest and intellegent man never slangs or spams.

[3] Bearing more than one ID is not freely possible at a time! So we request you to use only one ID. In some cases if you'll face problem with your current ID please contact to admin to change your ID.

[4] Exchanging any kind of phone numbers is currently disallowed. If it is urgent please contact to any of the staffs.

[5] We have an extra care for it's female members against net harassments and our honourable users get 100% privacy.

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